About The Company

What we do?

Through Her Eyes Productions, LLC is a company whose mission is to inspire women to share their stories through all art forms.

Why we do it?

More often than not, women have to carry the load of life that they seldom get to just be in the moment and regroup. Women are the caretakers, providers, educator and more. 

How we do it?

T.H.E. Productions, LLC creates safe spaces for women to create, release and empower one another to do the same.  

T.H.E. Productions platforms include: 

And So She Speaks Cafes
Discussion Panels
Writing Workshops
Books (Poetry, Women Empowerment & Children)

About Founder of T.H.E. Productions

Simone Roberts
is a recent graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine where she studied to obtain her MS in Organizational Development and Leadership. Her undergraduate degree is from Temple University, where she received her B.A. in Strategic Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Since a young age, Simone has always had a love for storytelling and writing.

Her first book was entitled “My Deepest Thoughts,” written in Middle School. She has performed her poetry at various events around the tri-state area. In 2010, Simone had her piece “Breaking the Generational Curse,” published by White Oak Press nationally. September 2013, she self-published her project “Life Through Her Eyes.” Since then, she has written four books & one interactive journal.

Simone is married to Pastor Darryl Roberts and the mother to Sidney E. Roberts. She has devoted her life to inspiring women all over the world to tell T.H.E. story!